Dr.Jingpeng Gao


University/Department:Harbin Engineering University
Brief introduction of research:

1.2012/07-2014/07 Heilongjiang Province Science and Technology Research Project, 9232015Y0191, Research and Development and Application of Digital Video Fusion and Large-screen Mosaic SOC Integration System. Completed, participated;

2.2012/12-2013/12 ZTE Corporation Production, Teaching and Research Cooperation Forum Project, G084813009, Research on the Integration of High Order Domain Coding and Modulation Technology. Completed, participated;

3.2015/01-2015/12 Fundamental Research Funds for Central Universities and Colleges, HEUCF150814, High-definition View Frequency Wireless Transmission System Based on H.265 Encoding and Decoding. Completed, hosted;

4.2015/01-2017/12 National Natural Science Foundation of China, 61403093, Research on Multi-band Joint Navigation Signal Model Based on Continuous Phase Modulation. Completed, participated;

5.2016/07-2018/06 Open Fund Project of the State Key Laboratory of Integrated Information Technology of the World, 2015_SGIIT_KFJJ_ DH_03, Research on Common Waveform of Multi-band Joint Navigation. In research, participate;

6.2016/09-2017/09 ZTE Corporation Production, Teaching and Research Cooperation Forum Project

KY10800160020, Research on Complexity Optimization of Decoding Algorithms for Multiplexed LDPC Codes. Completed, participated;

7.2017/09-2018/12 China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Fund Project, KY10800170051, Research on Code Rate-Compatible Configurable Multivariate LDPC Codes and IP Core Design. In research, hosting;