Prof.Qingsheng Wang


University/Department:Russian St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University Materials College
Brief introduction of research:
  Dr.QingSheng Wang graduated from Russian St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, workes as visiting professor at Harbin Institute of Technology. He specialized in area of Study and Analysis of Thermoelectric and Chemical Properties of Materials, Development of High Level Cathode Materials for Polymer Lithium-ion Batteries and Study on High Temperature Spheroidization and Surface Treatment Modification of Materials. He devote to researches, such as Porous Polymer Lithium Ion Battery System Technology, Structure Design Technology of Collector in Vitro, Porous Electrode Composite Technology etc. He’s the first innovator of applying for Preparation of Porous Polymer Lithium Ion Battery by Organic Inorganic Composite Membrane and Phase Separation Technology in nation. He organized a team member to research on 3D printing Alloy Materials, Shell Material for Deep Submersible and High Energy Cathode Materials. He has presided over numerous projects from National 863 Plan, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Science and Technology. He cooperated with Russian St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University to establish China-Russian Technological Center and Academician Workstation,and set up Dissertation Laboratory collaborated with German ZOZ, Austrian Stard,  Nanyang Technological University. He got gold prize of Extraction Method and Special Equipment for Polymer Lithium Ion Power Battery.