Prof.Tianhao Ji


University:Beijing Technology and Business University
Brief introduction of research:

B. S. in Jilin University (1985-1989);

M.S. in Jilin University (1989-1992);

Ph.D. in Peking University (1992-1995);

First Postdoc in Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (1996-1998);

Working in Institute of Physics (1998-1999);

Second Postdoc in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1999-2001);

Third Postdoc in University of New Orleans (USA, 2001.10-2003.6);

Fourth Postdoc in University of California at Riverside (2003.6-2003.12).

From 2004.1 to 2008.6, I work in Applied Chemistry Department, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics as a professor;

From 2008.6 to present, I work in College of Science, Beijing Technology and Business University as a professor