Distinguished Prof.Su-Fen Yang


Country/Region: Taiwan

University:  National Chengchi University/Statistics, Taipei, Taiwan

Reporting Conference: ISCAR 2015

Brief introduction of research: 

Su-Fen Yang research interests are in the fields of statistical process control and management, Taguchi method, statistical computing, and applied Statistics. She has published over 160 application-oriented articles in academic journals and international conferences. In the recent ten years, Su-Fen Yang has received many outstanding research awards; research grants from government, industry, or school. She also has experience of acting as a consultant to industry in the fields quality in research and design, quality technology and system.

Su-Fen Yang is a member of Quality Management Committee of Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Standards, Taiwan; member of Committee of Chinese Society for Quality; head of research team in Commercial College and NCCU. She has served as the Department Head; Associate Editor of Journal of Quality; Associate Editor of Journal of Industrial Engineering Institute Association; Referee of many SCI, EI and international journals; Keynote Speaker, Invited Speaker, Co-Chair, Local Committee, Section Organizer, and Section Chair of international conferences. She has been the visiting professor in Management department, Lyon III University, France, Statistics department, University of Manitoba, Canada, Baijin Industrial Uinversity, China, Beijin Normal University, Shuhai, China, and University of Macau, China