Dr.Joydev Ghosh


University/Department:The New Horizons Institute of Technology
Brief introduction of research:


Quite a few selected publications:


1. Joydev Ghosh, Sanjay Dhar Roy,“Qualitative analysis for coverage probability and energy efficiency in cognitive femtocell networks under macrocell infrastructure”, Electronics Letters (IET), Vol. 51,No. 17, pp.1378–1380, Aug.2015. 

2. Joydev Ghosh, Sanjay Dhar Roy,“The Implications of Cognitive Femtocell Based Spectrum Allocation over Macrocell Networks”, Wireless Personal Communications (Springer) Aug.’16.

3. Zoltán Jakó, Joydev Ghosh, “Network Throughput and Outage Analysis in a Poisson and Matérn Cluster based LTE-Advanced Small Cell Networks”, International Journal of Electronics and Communications (Elsevier), Vol.75, May 2017, Pages 46–52.


4. Joydev Ghosh, Sanjay Dhar Roy,“An Analytical Model of Sequential Hypothesis Estimation for Femtocell Network Optimization”, International Journal of Electronics Letters (Taylor & Francis). Accepted.


5. Joydev Ghosh, Sanjay Dhar Roy,“Mitigating ICI at Cell Edges in Cognitive-Femtocell Networks Through Fractional Frequency Reuse”, International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems(Inderscience), Volume 16, Issue 2, Feb’16, pp.162-175. 


6. Joydev Ghosh, Sanjay Dhar Roy,“ Implementing a Flexible Testbed Using Dynamic FFR Scheme in OFDMA Based Cognitive Radio Networks”, INDICON-2016 (Venue: IISc, Bengaluru, India), Dec.’16. 


7. Joydev Ghosh, Dushantha Nalin K. Jayakody, and Marwa Qaraqe,“Cognitive-Femtocell Based Resource Allocation in Macrocell Network ”, PIMRC (workshop)-2017 (Venue: Montreal, Canada), Accepted.