Prof.Zishen Chen


University:Sun Yat-sen University
Brief introduction of research:

Professor of department of water resources and the environment, Sun Yat-sen University. The doctoral supervisor of physical geography, coastal and marine geography professional.
The research interests had been focused on the nearshore processes and beach changes for more than twenty years, which were supported by four national natural science funds. At present, a research project  ‘Spatio-temporal evolution of extreme hydro-meteorological events under changing environment and the risk probabilities in Guangdong province’ supported by Chinese national natural science fund is being performed.
Honor title: The emergency management expert of Guangdong province; The construction committee member of  Chinese Ministry of Education in water conservancy engineering, port and coastal engineering of university specialty; Director of Chinese Society of Oceanography and Limnology; Standing director of Guangdong Society of Oceanography and Limnology.