A.Prof.Jinhe Wang


University:Shanghai University
Brief introduction of research:

 2010,Ph.D. in Materials Processing Engineering Northwestern Polytechnical University, P.R. China
 2008-2009,Visiting Ph.D Student in University of Florida, FL, US,
 2005,B.E. in Chemical Engineering and Technology Northwestern Polytechnical University, P.R. China
 2012-Now,Associate Professor of Nano-Science & Technology Research Center,Shanghai University
 2010-2012,Postdoctor in Shanghai Nanotechnology Promotion Center
 2016,China's first military and civilian dual-use technology innovation contest (Winner's Prize)
 2015,Yangzhou science and technology award (Second class, Project first adult)
 2014,Shanghai Science and Technology Young Talents Sailing Program
Grants Received
National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51403123), China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Shanghai key Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Nanjing leading science and Technology entrepreneurial talent introduction program, etc.
1.Jinhe Wang*, Chentao Ji, Yuantao Yan, Di Zhao, Liyi Shi, Mechanical and ceramifiable properties of silicone rubber filled with different inorganic fillers, Polymer Degradation and Stability, 2015, 121:149-156
2.Jinhe Wang, Weimin Zhou, Jing Zhang, Mingjin Yang, Chentao Ji, Xuexiang Shao, Liyi Shi,High-fidelity replica molding for large-area PMMA 3D nanostructures with high performance surface-enhanced Raman scattering and hydrophobicity,Microelectronic Engineering, 2014, 115:2–5
3.Weimin Zhou, Jinhe Wang*, Jing Zhang, Xiaoli Li, Guoquan Min, Large-area fabrication of 3D petal-like nanopattern for surfaceenhanced Raman scattering, Applied Surface Science, 2014, 303:84–89
4.Jinhe Wang, Guoquan Min, Zhitang Song, Xiuyuan Ni, Weimin Zhou, Jing Zhan, Yanping Zhang, Jianping Zhang, Liyi Shi. Solvent-infiltration imprint lithography: a novel method to prepare large area poly(3-hexylthiophene) micro/nano-patterns, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012, 22:21154-21158
5.Jinhe Wang, Travis Kemper, Tao Liang, Susan B. Sinnott.  Predicted mechanical properties of a coiled carbon nanotube, Carbon, 2012, 50:968-976