Prof. Youxi Yan


Country/Region: China

University:  Qinzhou University

Reporting Conference: ICCHE 2015

Topic: Research on ecological management model of sustained environment in arid settlement of Downstream Shiyang river basin

Brief introduction of research: 

Prof. Youxi Yan, was born in Gansu Province. Now he is a senior engineer, national certified supervision engineer, reading Dr. in Wuhan university of technology. Before his job was a director in the architectural design institute, engineering construction company, urban and rural construction bureau director, general manager and chief engineer position, where he mainly engaged in architectural design, urban and rural planning and design, project supervision and related management work, and presided over nearly one hundred projects on architectural design, planning and design and construction supervision. Since 2008 he engaged in teaching and researching on construction in Quzhou college. In 2014 he was recommended to Qinzhou college engaging in teaching and researching on architecture and civil engineering. At present he is holding principal in construction engineering college, as a top talent and member in academic committee and academic journal in Qinzhou university. Additional post is a project review expert on territorial resources, water conservancy, and water and soil conservation scheme in Qinzhou city. The main research direction is architecture and urban planning, civil engineering and water conservancy and other fields.