A.Prof. Wei Tan



University: Dongguan University of Technology

Brief introduction of research: 

11/2002– present      Associate Professor, Department of Computer, Dongguan University of Technology

09/2013-06/2014       Visiting scholar, School of information, Zhongshan University

2013.01-2015.12:“study on target cascadingoptimization planning based on design structure matrix and process algebra and optimizationof cooperative multiple services and cloud manufacturing”,the National NaturalScience Foundation,China (Award #51175187), RMB580,000

10/20/2007-12/10/2010:“Study on the atomization characteristics ofelectronically controlled injector And the photoelectric detection devicedevelopment”,The Science and Technology Research Program of Dongguan City (Award#2007101240004 ),RMB150,000.

10/1/2010-12/1/2012:“Research on Collaborative Logistics Based on semanticWeb services”, Science and technology project in Dongguan city (Award#201010814015 ),RMB50,000.

10/10/2011-12/30/2013:”Research and development of Intelligent PackagingManipulator“,Scienceand technology project in Dongguan city (Award #2011108102034) ,RMB70,000.

12/30/2011-12/31/2013:“Development of multi domainmodel library and virtual prototype for complex CNC”, Science and technology project in Dongguan city (Award#201010814015 ),RMB50,000.

10/12/2007-10/20/2010:multilevel and multi scale Simulation and optimization based on manufacturing systemtarget cascading method and the principle of IPDI ”,the National High-Tech,R&D Program,China (Award #2007AA04Z111)RMB700,000