Dr. Dongping Zhao



University: Northwestern Polytechnical University

Brief introduction of research: 

In recent 5 years, I am committedresearch enterprise information technology, intelligent manufacturingtechnology and assembling precision control technology. There are 5 related articlesare indexed by SCI or EI. The following is my main research experience.

2016.2-2016.6 participatedin an intelligent manufacturing project - Intelligent manufacturing workshopconstruction for harmonic gear reducer of robot.

2015.10-2016.4 participatedin an intelligent assembly project - Intelligent manufacturing projectsresearched on Digital assembly planning system and process design technologyfor complex product.

2013.11-2015.9 participatedin a China fund project - An assembly precision guarantee method for complexproduct.

2012.10-2014.12 participatedin an intelligent assembly projects - The integrated 3 D process design andmanagement techniques Based on the simulation.

2014.5-2015.5 participatedin an process design project - 3 D product modeling and machining simulationtechnology