Dr. Libin Yong



University: ChengduUniversity of Information Technology

Brief introduction of research: 

Dr. Libin Yong mainly engaged in cloudservices platform related technologies, theoretical research for manufacturinginformation. In recent years, a number of scientific research projects, such asthe National 863 plan, the national support plan, and two provincial projectsare involved. In the past five years, 16 papers have been published, amongwhich more than 10 articles are published by EI, among which many academicpapers are published in the top journals (Computer Integrated ManufacturingSystem) in the domestic manufacturing industry.

He is the core member ofthe cloud service platform technology innovation team, but also employed in thetechnology cloud services industry technology innovation strategic alliance. Itis worth mentioning that he belong to the scientific research team in 2012 wonthe national scientific and technological progress second prize.