Dr. Bao Chen



University:ChongqingUniversity of Technology

Brief introduction of research: 

During Master ‘degree study at Chongqing University, mainly hascarried on the study of finite element analysis of vehicle structure. InSouthwest Jiao tong University PhD period, mainly to carry out vehicle &suspension dynamics simulation and Experiment Research Based on rubberbushings.

2010-2011, received funding from the China Scholarship Council, as avisiting scholar's identity, at TU BergakademieFreiberg in Germany,under the tutelage of a famous German automobile system dynamics professor,involved in developing the test rigs of the MacPherson suspension and its rubberbushings.

In recent years, around car structure analysis andsystem dynamics, chaired or participated in a number of National NaturalScience Foundation of and above provincial and ministerial research projects,and in the core and the above journal published academic papers, nearly 20papers.