Dr. Qinghua Wei



University: Northwestern Polytechnical University

Brief introduction of research: 

Dr.Qinghua Wei currently researches atthe School of Mechanical Engineering, NorthwesternPolytechnical University, Xi'an,China.His research fields are mainly about "Biomedical materials", "Preparationtechnology of scaffolds" and "MolecularSimulation". Based on his previous researches, he published more than20 papers in international journal and conferences, such as Journal of theMechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, Materials & Design,e-Polymers, Journal of Materials Science, and so on. He also applied more than10 patents, and received the first prize of science andtechnology of institutions of higher education in Shaanxi Province 2016 as thethird person. Dr. Wei interests in physical chemistry of polymers, and he is amember of American Chemical Society (ACS).