Country/Region: Indonesia


Brief introduction of research: 

Research careerwas started since 1994, as academic staff at Mechanical Engineering Deaprtment,Institut Teknologi Nasional, Bandung, Indonesia. She studied further for Ph.D degreeduring 2009-2013 in the University of Sheffield, UK.  PhD research focused onthermomechanical and heat treatment process of tungsten hot work tool steel. Afterfinished my study, she was involved in power plant industries and solved theirproblems. Published some papers in theinternational journal an some of them are.;


1.M. Nurbanasari, P. Tsakiropoulos, E.J. Palmiere,     2013. Influence of high temperature deformation and double tempering on     the microstructure of a H21 tool steel. Journal of Materials Science &     Engineering A,  Vol 570 pp. 92–101.

2.M. Nurbanasari, P. Tsakiropoulos, E.J.Palmiere, 2014.  A Study of CarbidePrecipitation in a H21 Tool Steel. Journal of The Iron and Steel Institute ofJapan (ISIJ), Vol. 54 (2014), No. 7, pp.1667-1676.

3.M. Nurbanasari, P. Tsakiropoulos, E.J.Palmiere, 2014. On the Solidification of a H23 Tool Steel,  Journal of Transactions of the IndianInstitute of Metals, 67(2014) page: 935–944.

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6.M. Nurbanasari, P. Tsakiropoulos, E.J. Palmiere,     2015, Microstructural evolution of a heat-treated H23 tool steel. International     Journal of Minerals, Materials and Metallurgy, Vol. 22, No. 3, page 272-284.