Prof. Yuezeng Xu


Country/Region: China

University: ZhejiangTongji Vocational College of Science and Technology

Brief introduction of research: 

Yuezeng Xu, male, Professor, who now works at the Zhejiang Tongji Vocational College of Science and technology. Engaged in the teaching and research of mechanical manufacturing and automation, and the professional leader of mechatronics technology, the expert of China Centre for the development of irrigation and drainage pumping station technical and the certification expert of ministry of education national computer aided technology,also the referee and national senior examiner of national vocational skills competition. The member of Chinese Society of Power Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering Society and senior member of China Mechanical Engineering Society. In 1995 selected in Zhejiang province in the cross century talent project. The state-level teaching famous teacher rewards, won various honors more than 50 items. Has repeatedly won the outstanding teachers of Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou City.

    Guide the students to participate in college students in mechanical design competition of Zhejiang Province and won second prize, "Challenge Cup" competition won second prize, " national information technology contest" and "talents comprehensive and skills contest" won first prize, second prize, third prize 11 times and excellence award 7 times, repeatedly won the "best instructor Award". Won the national multimedia courseware contest two awards, Zhejiang Province, college teachers teaching software contest two awards. To guide the water conservancy industry workers to participate in the national skills competition consecutively won second place. 

    Published more than 30 papers in recent years. 8 of Chinese core journals, 6 of EI,3 of  Award-winning paper,1 of national speech, participate in international academic conferences and academic exchanges many times. The editor of the publication 4 times,Chief  editor 3 times,and   deputy editor 6 times. Host the development and construction the national standard item of "pumping station operation" in water conservancy department and written training materials; participate in preparation of national standards and industry standards; participate in a number of scientific and technological project of the Ministry of water resources; hosted projects of the water conservancy department 4 times and participated in more times. Presided over the training base outside the school construction project more than 10.           

   Hosted the Zhejiang Provincial Excellent Course 1 time, professional resources and curriculum resources library 1 time; focus on teaching team building project 1 time. Hosted in Zhejiang province higher education teaching reform project 1 time, the Department of education research projects 1 time, the national computer aided technology certification project 1 time. Publicly authorized invention patents 2 times and the national utility model patent 12 times.