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Dr. Naifei Liu


Country/Region: China

University: Xi’anUniversity of Technology

Brief introduction of research: 

Visiting Scholar in Geotechnical Engineering, Department of CivilEngineering, University of Ottawa, Canada, 2016.3- 2016.8. 

Research topics:Thermo-hydro- mechanical modeling of frozen tailings backfill. Advisor:Professor Mamadou Fall.

Ph.D. Student in Geotechnical Engineering, Xi′an University ofTechnology, P.R.China, 2012- Date. 

Title of the dissertation: Study on The couplingtheories of thermo-hydro-mecha- nical field for fractured rock mass in coldregions.Dissertation advisor: Professor Ning Li

M.Sc. Degree in Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Xi′an University ofTechnology, China, 2009- 2012. 

Title of the dissertation: The Validation and Applicationof Thermo-Hydro-Mecha- nical Coupling Software. Advisor: Professor Ning Li