A.Prof.Yin Chi


Country/Region: China

University: Wuhan University

Brief introduction of research:

Education experience

  2008.10-2012.12 the University of Nottingham, Faculty of Engineering,Ph.D;

  2005.09-2008.09 Wuhan University, School of Civil Engineering,M.Eng;

  1999.09-2003.07 Wuhan University, School of Civil Engineering,B.Eng;

  Research experience

  2014.5-present Wuhan University,Department of Structural Engineering,Associated professor.

    2013.5-2014.5 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(HKUST),Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,                Postdoctoral researcher.

  Research & Interest:

  1. Numerical simulation of concrete structure.

  2. Constitutive relation of hybrid fiber reinforced concrete material.

  3. Multi-scale modeling and simulation of fiber reinforced concrete.

  4. NiTi SMA reinforced polymer composite.

  Situation of Teaching

  1. Concrete structure: mechanics and design (English-teaching Course)

  2. Steel reinforced concrete structure


  • Constitutive modelling of steel-polypropylene hybrid fibre reinforced concrete. National Natural Science Foundation of China. 360K, 2011-2013.

  • The bond behaviour and the seismic performance of steel-polypropylene hybrid fibre reinforced concrete under cyclic loading. National Natural Science Foundation of China. 800K, 2013-2016.

  • Multi-scale constitutive modelling of Hybrid Steel-polypropylene FRC. Doctoral station Funding of Education Ministry, 120K, 2014-2017.

   • Multi-scale constitutive relations of Hybrid Steel-polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete, From Nano-scale to Macro-scale. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 850K, 2015-2018.

  • Mechanism and micromechanics-based model of anisotropic damage in hybrid fiber reinforced concrete, The Foundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, 100K, 2015-2017.

  Representative works:

  List of main articles in Peer-reviewed leading journals and Proceeding journals.

  [1] Yin Chi, Mingpeng Li, Lihua Xu, Qingping Sun*, 2015. Phase transition induced interfacial debonding in shape memory alloy fiber–matrix system. International Journal of Solids and Structures. 75-76, 199-210. (SCI)

  [2] Le Huang, Yin Chi*, Lihua Xu, Ping Chen, Aoli Zhang, 2016. Local bond performance of rebar embedded in steel-polypropylene hybrid fiber reinforced concrete under monotonic and cyclic loading. Construction and Building Materials, 103, 77-92. (SCI)

  [3] Lehuang, Lihua Xu, Yin Chi, 2015. Experimental investigation on the seismic performance of steel-polypropylene hybrid fiber reinforced concrete columns. Construction and Building Materials, 87, 16-27.(SCI)

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  Honors & Award:

  Journal reviewer: Internal Journal of Civil Engineering (SCI), Composite Structures(SCI), Geomechanics and Geoengineering: An International Journal,

  ASCE Associate Member.

  Member of International standardization Organization ISO-TC71.

  CSC Award,Ministry of Education,China,2008.

  Special-Scholarship Award,The University of Nottingham,UK,2008.