Dr.Xirui Zhang


Country/Region: China

University: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College, Hainan University

Brief introduction of research:

During the past several years, my research experience main concentrated on the development of 

tropical agricultural machine, especially the comprehensive utilization of banana stalk, which contains 

the extraction of banana stalk fiber, the crushing and returning of banana stalk and the biomass briquette 

technologies of banana stalk. Research on nearly 5 years of scientific research project, I have made some 

achievements in scientific research, such as published 16 papers (5 papers indexed by EI Journal), 

authorized 10 invention patents and 8 utility model patents. 

Academic Research Experience 

Jan.,2016-Dec.,2019 National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51565010) 

Jan.,2016-Dec.,2017 Natural Science Foundation of Hainan Province (No. 20163038) 

Jan.,2016-Dec.,2017 College Science Fund of Hainan Province HNKY2014- ( 15 )

Jan.,2012-Dec.,2014 National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Fund Project 

 (No. 51105123) 

Jan.,2012-Dec.,2013 Sub Project of Special Fund for Agro-scientific Research in the Public 

 Interest (No.201203072-01-02), Hainan University 

Jan.,2012-Dec.,2016 Key Scientific and Technological project of Hainan Province 

 (No. ZDXM20120074),Hainan University 

Jan.,2014-Dec.,2016 The Scientific Research Project of Universities in Hainan Province of 

 Hainan Education Department (No.HNKY2014-15),Hainan University