Dr.Azam Rabiee


Country/Region: Iran

University:  Islamic Azad University

Brief introduction of research:

Educational Background

2007-2012       PhD in Computer Engineering
Islamic Azad University-Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran (GPA: 18.89/20)
Title of the Dissertation: Biologically Inspired Speech Signal Separation in Multi-speaker environments

2002-2005       MS in Computer Engineering-Artificial Intelligence 
Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran (GPA: 18.08/20)
Title of the Thesis: Teaching a Behavior to a Simulated Soccer Agent Using a Nero-Fuzzy Approach

1998-2002       BS in Computer Engineering–Hardware 
Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran (GPA: 16.77/20, First GPA rank among graduated hardware students)
Title of the Project: Design and Implementation of an Antenna Control Unit for a Smart Console of the ADS-4 Radar


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Papers Published in Journals

  • Rabiee A., Setayeshi, S, Lee S-Y, ”CASA: Biologically Inspired Approaches for Auditory Scene Analysis,” Natural Intelligence: the INNS Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 2, Winter 2012, pp:50-58.


  • Rabiee A., Setayeshi, S, Lee S-Y, ”A Harmonic-based Biologically Inspired Approach to Monaural Speech Separation,”IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Vol. 19, No. 9, pp: 559-562, Sep. 2012.

Selected Papers Presented in Conference

  • Taslimi M., Rabiee A., "On the Importance of the Speaker Classificaion using Artificial Neural Networks," 2nd National Conference on Computer Science and Engineering, NajafAbad, Iran, October 2014.

  • Shafiee Z., Romouzi M., Shafiee M., Rabiee A., "Efficient Enegry Scheduling in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks Using Cellular Automata and Fuzzy Inference System," 14th Iranian Conference on Fuzzy Systems, Tabriz, Iran, August, 2014.

  • Rabiee A., Vali, M., “A New Genetic-based Approach for Function Optimization,” International Conference on Computers and Information Processing Technologies, Shanghai, China, April 2014. 

  • Rabiee A., Setayeshi, S, ”Robust and Optimum Features for Persian Accent Classification Using Artificial Neural Network,”International Conference on Neural Information Processing, Duha, Qatar, Nov. 2012.

  • Rabiee A., Setayeshi, S, Lee S-Y, ”Monaural Speech Separation Based on a 2D Processing and Harmonic Analysis,”InterSpeech, Florence, Italy, Aug. 2011.

  • Rabiee A., Setayeshi, S, “Persian Accents Identification Using an Adaptive Neural Network,” ETCS, Wuhan, China, March. 2010.

  • Rabiee A., Teshnelab M., "Nonlinear Function Approximation Based on Neural Networks: First and Second Order Gradient," Second Iranian Congress on Computer, Electronic and IT, Feb 2009, Sama, Hamedan, Iran. (in farsi)

  • Rabiee A., Ghasem-Aghaee N., “A Scoring Policy for Simulated Soccer Agents Using Reinforcement Learning,” Second International Conference on Autonomous Robots and Agents, Dec. 2003, New Zealand.

Internship Program
Jun 2010-Sep 2011     Visiting student, Brain Science Research Center, KAIST, South Korea