Prof. Heyong He


Country/Region:  China

University: Departmentof Chemistry, Fudan University

Brief introduction of research: 

Professor He obtained his BSc degree from Fudan University (1980-1984) and then became afaculty member in the Department of Chemistry at Fudan University (1984-1989).He was a visitingscholar at Imperial College (1989-1990). After receiving his PhD degree from Cambridge University (1990-1993) he worked in the Department of Chemistry at Cambridge University as a solid-state NMRmanager (1993-1997). From 1997 to 2000 he was a principal scientist of the Leverhulme Centre forInnovative Catalysis at the University of Liverpool. He returned to Fudan University as a full professor of physical chemistry from 2000 and was awardedthe Cheung Kong Scholar ofMinistry of Education and the Distinguished Young Scholar of the National Science Foundation of China.

Professor He's research is mainly focused on the heterogeneous catalysis and solid state NMR, in particularly light alkane and CO2 activation and functionalization,acid catalysis, selective hydrogenation, solid-state NMR study of reactionmechanisms and preparation of novel nano-materials for catalysis. He has more than 280 paperspublished and 9000 citations by others. He serves as editorial board membersfor a number of scientific journals, including Journal of Molecular CatalysisA: Chemical from 2004.