Prof.Chuijiang Guo


University/Department:Hunan Vocational College of Railway Technology, Institute of Transportation Management
Brief introduction of research:
I once worked in a railway enterprise for five years and possess a certain practical work experience. I gained my master degree from Southwest Jiaotong University and doctor degree from Central South University. I have devoted myself to studying and researching traffic topic for near twenty years and gained a great deal of exciting achievement.

One of the main fields I focus on is optimization of railway transportation. In order to improve the efficiency of railway transportation, with the help of mathematics and operational research, the complex logical relationship among elements of railway management could be transformed into some certain mathematical models. The existing or designed algorithm could be used to resolve them.

Another concentrated field is optimization of integrated transportation. The research is executed to improve the capacity of transportation passageway and the ability of market competition with other transportation modes.

Some up-to-date topics in traffic are also belonging to my research scope.