A.Prof.Chunxiao Xie


University/Department:Dongguan university of technology
Brief introduction of research:

Dr. Qizhe Fan is a researcher of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology. He is also the member of Chinese chemical society and member of China nonferrous metals society. Recently, he won the first prize in natural science of Jiangxi province (2016) and the second prize in natural science of Ganzhou (2015).

In recent years, the scientific researches include: formation, crystallization behavior and properties of Fe-based amorphous alloy without metalloids, advanced metallic functional materials. Presided and joined more than 5 scientific projects, including National Natural Science of Foundation of China, Young Creative Talents Project of Ordinary University in Guangdong province, Science and Technology Project of Guangdong province, more than 10 research papers has been published in domestic and international journals: Journal of alloys and compounds,Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics,Journal of Superconductivity and Novel MagnetismandRare Metal Materials and Engineering.