Prof.Dumitru TOADER


University/Department:Politehnica University Timisoara, Romania
Brief introduction of research:

I am full professor at the Department of Fundamentals of Physics for Engineers, Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Romania.

I was Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, respectively Head of the Fundamentals of Physics for Engineers of Polytechnic University Timoisoara.

I am the Head of the Research Centre for Advanced Study Methods for Physical Phenomena, Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania and PhD Advisor in electrical engineering. I was a member in more than 30 of PhD committees

I have published over 200 scientific papers, including: 21 ISI papers, 55 papers in international data base (IEEE Xplore, INSPEC, Scopus, etc.), 9 papers in foreign journals, 28 papers in national journal, 12 foreign International Conferences, 23 international conferences in Romania, 24 papers at national Conferences.

I was Head of grants and research projects (4 CNCSIS grants, 25 research contracts) and Member of research team in an international research project (3) and also 40 scientific contracts.

I am holder of disciplines: Numerical simulation of the electromagnetic field – specializing in general electrical engineering; Fundamentals of electrical engineering 1 and 2- evening classes, Electrical Engineering, Measurement and electrical machinery, Fundaments of Electrical Engineering, specialization in Computer Science, Fundamentals of electrical engineering 1, 2 and 3; specialization Electrical Engineering and power engineering ; Power Quality Monitoring  - master specialization: Monitoring and management of power systems; Renewable Energies- master specialization: Solar Energies.

I am a member IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and  IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society.