Prof.Dorel BANABIC


Country/Region: Romania
University/Department:Technical University of Cluj Napoca
Brief introduction of research:

The major areas of interest are the anisotropic plastic behaviour of materials, formability of sheet metals and virtual fabrication. He developed a family of yield criteria for anisotropic metallic materials (BBC yield criteria). The BBC 2005 model has been implemented by the AUTOFORM software house in the commercial FE code AutoForm 4.1. The BBC 2008 model has been coupled with the ALAMEL crystal plasticity model developed at the Catholic University Leuven in a Hierarchical Multi-Scale framework that allows taking into account evolution of the plastic anisotropy during sheet forming processes. In the field of formability the main contributions are: theoretical and experimental research on the influence of the pulsatory loading on the FLC; proposal of a new method to increase the formability in superplastic sheet metal forming processes using the pulsatory loading; improvement of the Marciniak-Kuczynski and Modified Maximum Force Criterion models to predict the FLC; developing of the FORM-CERT user friendly code to determine the FLC; proposal of a new procedure for the experimental determination of the FLCs based on the hydraulic bulging of a double specimen.