A.Prof.Chunhua Song


University/Department:Xi Hua University Mechanical Engineering college
Brief introduction of research:

Ph.D in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering (September 2009), Southwest Jiao Tong University of Mechanical Engineering, China.Thesis: Study on Key Technique of High-Performance for Plastic Injection Molding  Machine Advisor: Prof. Jian Ke
Associate Professor, December 2011 to the Present, School of Mechanical Engineering, Xihua University, China                                 
1.Science & Technology Department of Sichuan: Research on Key Technique of Energy Saving for Plastic Injection Molding Machine 2011-2014, Principal Investigator, 2010JY0117
2.Key Fund Project of Sichuan Provincial Department of Education: Study on High Torque Digital Display Wrench. 2010-2013, Principal Investigator, 10ZA102(11202015)
3.Project of Sichuan Provincial Department of Education: Study on High-efficiency Transmission for Random Electric Power.2013-2015, Co-investigator, 13ZA0025
4.Project of Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China: Study on  High-efficiency Transmission for Strong Random Electric Power. 2013-2015, Co-investigator, Z2012015
5. Key Fund Project of Sichuan Provincial Department of Education: Design of Display System on Digital Torque Wrench. 2011-2012, Co-investigator, 10SA115
Academic visit experience
1.South wales University  (2014.4-2015.4 academic visitor in UK).  Project: powertrain of electric  vehicle simulation.   Advisor: Guoping LIU