Dr.Xinrui Feng


University/Departmen:Hainan University
Brief introduction of research: 


Ph.D.in civil engineering, Chongqing university, 2014

B.E. in civil engineering, Shenyang jianzhu university, 2009


[1] Feng Xinrui, Jiang Shaojie, Hu Wei, Chen Yun, Spectral analysis on the Decolorization of Dyeing Wastewater by PAC-PDMDAAC Hybrid Flocculant, Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis, 2016,366):1859-1863

[2] X. R. Feng, S J Jiang, X. E. Li, P. Xiang, G. S. Sheng. Flocculation performance and shearing capacity study on Al30 morphology in polyhydroxy aluminumAsian Journal of Chemistry, 2013, 25(17): 9875-9878. 

[3] Xinrui Feng, Shaojie Jiang, Yunxiao Liu. Feasibility Research on Fermenting Sludge into Garden Nutritional Soil by using Aerobic-anaerobic Alternative Method. Advanced Materials Research Vols. 781-784 (2013) p:2205-2210

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[6] 发明专利:一种无机-有机共价型杂化絮凝剂及其制备方法;专利号:ZL201510224618.0

[7] 发明专利一种有机-无机杂化絮凝剂及其制备方法专利号ZL201310326604.0