Prof.Michael Khachay


University/Departmen:Ural Federal University
Brief introduction of research:

Michael Khachay graduated from the Ural State University (Ekaterinburg, Russia) in 1993, department of mathematics and mechanics. In 1996, he got his PhD in theoretical computer science at Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics. In 2005, he got habilitation in discrete mathematics and computer  science in  Dorodnitsyn Computing Center (Moscow).

He joined Krasovsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics in 1994, from 2007 he is the head of Mathematical programming Lab of this institute.

From 2005 he is a full professor in Ural Federal University, department of mathematics and computer  science.


Michael Khachay is specialist in development of efficient (polynomial time) approximation algorithms with performance guarantees and polynomial time approximation  schemes (PTAS)  for intractable combinatorial optimization problems including Traveling Salesman Problem, Vehicle Routing Problem and their generalizations, Set Cover and Hitting Set problems.


Another field of his scientific interests concerns with efficient ensemble learning techniques including piecewise-linear machine learning procedures and committee machines.

Besides theoretical works, he has several results in applications of machine learning and combinatorial optimization, in particular, in the field of efficient fingerprint person identification.


Michael Khachay is (co)author of more than 105 scientific papers, he is an editorial board member of journals Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research, coeditor of several issues of Springer series Lecture Notes in Computer Science and Communications in Computer and Information Science