Prof.Jun Li


University:Kansas State University
Brief introduction of research:


Ph. D. in Chemistry, 1995, Princeton University

Postdoctoral research associate, Cornell University, 1994-1997


Experience and Accomplishment

With scientific training in electrochemistry and surface sciences, Dr. Jun Li has developed his research career on nanosciences and nanotechnologies through his employment with Molecular Imaging Co. (1997-1998), the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (Singapore, 1998-2000), NASA Ames Research Center (2000-2007), and Kansas State University (2007 – present).  He has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, and edited one book. He is an inventor in 29 patent applications.  His research work in nanotechnology has been highlighted in over 40 public news reports (including Nature, MIT Technology Review, Science, etc.). He received the first annual Nano50 Award by NASA Tech Briefs under Innovator category in 2005. Dr. Li has been serving as an associate editor (2007-2014) and senior editor (2015 – present) for IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology.


Research Interests

Dr. Jun Li’s research interests are focused on integrating nanomaterials, particularly carbon nanotubes, graphene, semiconductor nanowires, and metal oxides, into functional devices for

(1) energy conversion and storage: dye-sensitized solar cells, electrochemical supercapacitors, and Lithium-ion batteries;

(2) nanobiosensors: nanoelectrode array based biosensors, electrical neural interfaces, and dielectrophoretic capture and detection of bacterial and viral particles;

(3) next-generation nanoelectronics: on-chip electrical interconnects and thermal interface materials.