Prof.Jiwei Cai


University:Henan University
Brief introduction of research:


Prof. Jiwei CAI, PhD in Materialogy, born in 1963, is currently the supervisor for graduate student and the chief of Institute of Materials and Structures, Henan University. And holds pluralisms such as managing director of Chinese Higher Education Seminar in Building Materials Discipline, members of Chinese Ceramic Society, Concrete and Cement Product Association of China, China Aggregates Association, Architectural Society of China, and Stone Powder Union of China.

He mainly focuses on high performance cement-based materials, thermal insulating materials, and utilization of solid wastes. The research projects he completed include 1 granted by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 7 provincial projects with 1 Second Prize for Science & Technology Development/Achievement of Hebei province. Up to now, 33 papers have been published including 1 SCI indexed and 19 EI indexed.

The completed research projects include (1) Effects of micro fines in manufactured fine aggregate on properties of concrete, (2) Research on properties of concrete prepared with mill tailings from magnetite as fine aggregate, (3) Effect of alumina morphology on alkali-silica reaction, (4) Research on regularity and control of bleeding of fresh concrete, and (5) Key technology for archaized gray brick prepared with demolished waste and ultra-fine sand.

The projects in progress of research include (1) Development of thermal insulating material with flame resistance using cement and wheat straw, (2) Research on autoclaved lightweight concrete prepared with flushed sand in yellow river, (3) Development of bamboo-aluminum composite for environmental protection and energy saving, (4) Research on stability of magnetite in concrete prepared with iron ore tailings as fine aggregate, and (5) Activation mechanism of crystalline silica and its hydrates in hydrothermal reaction.