Prof.Yongjing Tang


University:Tongji University
Brief introduction of research:

My research interest focuses on the durability of underground structures and the rehabilitation of historic building structures.
Selected journal papers published
1. Yongjing Tang*, Zhendong Shao, Tianlong Xu. Pore structure of ancient Chinese bricks under environmental vicissitude. KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering. 2016,20(5): 2014-2021. (WOS number:000378516700043)
2. Yongjing Tang*, Suihui Wang. A new approach based on plane and circular fitting to survey axial shape and assess inclination for Chinese ancient pagodas. KSCE Journal of Civil  Engineering. 2016,20(5):1875-1902(WOS number: 000378516700031)
3.Yongjing Tang*, Xihong Zhao. 121-story Shanghai Center Tower foundation re-analysis using a compensated pile  foundation theory. The structural design of tall and special buildings. 2014, pp.854-879.  (WOS number: 000339417300004)
4.Yongjing Tang*, Xihong Zhao. Deformation of compensated pile raft foundations with deep embedment in super-tall buildings of Shanghai. The structural design of tall and special   buildings. 2015, pp.521-536. (WOS number: 000352721800004)
5.Yongjing Tang*, Jie Pei, Xihong Zhao. Design and measurement of piled-raft foundations.    Proceedings of the  institute of civil engineers-geotechnical engineering. 2014.pp.461-475. (WOS number: 000344433700006)
6.Yongjing Tang*, Xihong Zhao. Field testing and analysis during top-down construction of     super-tall buildings in  Shanghai. KSCE Journal of  civil engineering. 2016,20(3): 647-661.     (WOS number:000372243800015)
7. Wang XZ*, You YS, Tang YJ. An approach to calculate optimal window-width serving for the information diffusion technique. International journal of general systems. 2004,pp 223-231. (WOS number:000220147100008)
8. Yongjing Tang*, Yong Zhao. Leaning pagoda in China: Laboratory test and analysis of     subsidence under frequent earthquakes. Bulletin of engineering geology and the environment. 2016 (DOI: 10.1007/s10064-016-0993-0)
1.Tang Yongjing. Weathering depth measuring device for building structures (建筑结构风化深度测量装置),Number approved:201220447885.6
2.Tang Yongjing, Shao Peng. Weathering evaluation method for historic masonry structures (砖石古建筑风化性能的测定方法),Application number: 201410216719.9
Tang Yongjing, Wang Suihui. A circle-fit-based method to monitor ancient pagodas’ inclination (一种基于圆拟合的塔倾斜测量方法),Application number: 201410312873.6