Prof.Jichao Zhang


University:Guangzhou University
Brief introduction of research:

Research Projects
1.Research and application of environmental geotechnical engineering of Guangzhou Science Center, Project leader, 2005
2.Research and application of soft foundation in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Project leader, 2004
3.Research of Hazard mitigation in civil engineering and construction of Guangzhou Science Center, Project leader, 2006
4.Research and application deep soft foundation treatment of research and application of new technology at coastal areas, Project leader, 2007
5.New technology of isolation vibration of Guangzhou Science Center, Project leader, 2005
6.Editor of standard specifications “Design Code for Building Foundation Technical”(2010) “Code for Building Pile Foundations”(2008) “standard of urban underground space engineering construction management”(2015) “standard of urban underground space operations management”(2015)
1.Outstanding Expert of Guangzhou, 2012
2.Model worker of Guangzhou, 2012
3.Nanyue Excellent Teacher,2012
4.National Model Teacher, 2014
Societies and Associations
5.Foundation branch of the Architectural Society of China, Executive Director, 1997-2016
6.China Association of Construction Education, Merber of expert committee, 2010-2016
7.Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Society in the Institution of Civil Construction in Guangdong Province, Executive director, 2000-2016
8.Chinese Journal of Underground Space and Engineering, Editor, 2010-2016
9.Journal of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering, Editor, 2008--2016
10."121 talent echelon engineering of Guangzhou", Member of the First Echelon, 2014
Engineering Technology Research Center in Modular Construction Industry of Guangdong, Person in charge, 2015