Prof.Bing Han


University:Beijing Jiaotong University
Brief introduction of research:

Prof. Han focuses his research interests on long-term behavior of concrete structures and steel-concrete composite structures, and performance evaluation of existing concrete bridges. He has received project funding amounting to over RMB 10 million yuan, including National Science Foundation Grant of China, projects granted by Transportation Ministry, etc.


Research Grants

National Science Foundation Grant, “Early-age Creep of concrete filled steel tubes” 2013, PI

Education Ministry Grant, “Long-term dynamic behavior and of bridges in high-speed railway”, 2013, PI

National Science Foundation Grant, “Creep and its effects on bearing capacity of fly ash concrete filled steel tube” 2011, PI

Transportation Ministry Grant, “Fast investigation method for highway bridges after earthquake”, 2010, PI

Transportation Ministry Grant, “Concrete durability evolution of highway bridges”, 2008, PI

National Supporting Project for Plan of 11th 5 years, “Concrete long-term performance after soaking in flood”, 2007, PI

Qingdao Bay Great Bridge Inc. Grant, “Concrete casine constructing technology”, 2008, PI




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Prizes and awards

2011 Chinese National Technical Invention Award

2009 Outstanding Award of China Highway Society

2007 Beijing Science and Technology Nova Program