Dr.Fei Yu


University:Shanghai Institute of Technology
Brief introduction of research:

Dr. Fei Yu, Doctor of the major of Environmental Science (Ph. D. - Engineering) now is an assistant professor and master tutor of Environmental engineering in the Shanghai Institute of Technology. Dr. Yu has got the Shanghai outstanding doctoral dissertation in 2014. She got her B Sc in Agricultural Hydraulic Engineering at Si Chuan University, M Sc in Hydraulic and Hydroelectric Engineering at China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, Engineering Doctor's degree (Ph.D.) at Shanghai JiaoTong University in 2013. Currently Dr. Yu’ researches focus on the water supply and wastewater treatment of adsorption technology and theory, A new efficient carbon adsorbent development, The interface behavior of emerging contaminants in water environment, as well as adsorption control technology, Soil and groundwater pollution remediation technologies. She has published more than 60 papers. As the first author and corresponding author, there are more than 40 SCI papers. Five SCI papers have been selected in the ESI highly cited papers. The accumulative total cited times are more than 1000 times and 200 times for a single paper. Dr. Yu has been invited to write review papers published in Chemosphere and Materials. She has edited a book named An introduction to environmental Materials (by chemical industry press) and participated in foreign monographs in publishing in Wiley - Scrivener Publishers about the section on environmental materials. She is also the Editorial specialist for the Journal of Materials Review and the reviewer of many SCI foreign journals. Dr. Yu is an expert in national ministry of science and technology expert database of the expert panel and Shanghai science and technology prize of science and technology experts, etc.