A.Prof.Xiaobing Yan


University: Hebei Unversity
Brief introduction of research:

Xiaobing Yan, associate professor at Hebei University, IEEE members of the United States, vice president of electronic and Information Engineering College, Deputy director of Key Laboratory of digital medical engineering of Hebei Province,    Hebei Province’s outstanding youth winner , Journal reviewers of Appl. Phys. Lett., Semicon. Sci. and Tech.,Physics Letters A. He graduated from Nanjing University National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures and did Postdoctoral research at National University of Singapore from December 2014 to February 2016. He has participated in the research work of solid electrolyte materials and nano resistive memory RRAM prototype device as the participant. He has participated in the national "863 project" project and "the development of solid electrolyte nano phase change memory" and "high density storage and magnetic and electronic materials key technology" and other projects as an applicant . Currently he is hosting 3 National projects, participating in 7 national projects. At present his research directions are the new Flash memory, RRAM, memristor and other new electronic devices and integrated circuit design for integrated logic control. As the first author, he published 11 articles in second areas of science. So far, he has applied for 15 national patents, has 5 national invention patent authorization; involved in the monograph "new resistance variable storage technology" which was published by the scientific publishing house. In 2014 he entered the Ministry of national science and technology expert group and Hebei provincial science and technology award evaluation expert group, became a member of Hebei Provincial Intellectual Property Association, and was appointed to the Nantong Research Institute of materials engineering Nanjing University part-time associate researcher.