Prof. Dongfang Yang


Country/Region: China

University:  Guizhou University For Nationalities

Reporting Conference: MMEAT 2015

Brief introduction of research: 

Prof.Dong Fang Yang, after graduation, Yang has been worked in the monitoring center of the Beihai branch of State Oceanic Administration and Shanghai Fisheries University, mainly focuses in the teaching of marine ecology, biology and mathematics and the research of marine ecology and biogeochemistry. In 2001, Yang was offered as the professor level senior engineer by the monitoring center of the Beihai branch of State Oceanic Administration. In 2002, Yang became the visiting researcher in Qingdao Oceanic Administration. In June 2004, Yang was invited as the editorial board member of the Journal of Marine Science, and the Journal of Mountain Science in February 2005. Yang once joined the international research plan of GLOBEC, which was united by 18 countries or districts investigating the South China Sea for 3 months. Yang also took part in many other international researches, such as the investigation of Huanghai Sea and East China Sea of the LOICZ project and JGOFS project. For many times Yang took part in the data collecting job of Jiaozhou Bay of Qingdao and offshore of Yantai. Yang’ve done a lot of research on the ecosystem dynamics and sustainable development of Jiaozhou Bay. So far, he is undertaking the research work of the ecology, environment and biogeochemistry of Jiaozhou Bay and Yangtze Estuary.