Dr. Liang Xuan



University: Jianghan University

Brief introduction of research: 

Dr degree major in mechanical engineering,graduate from Dalian jiaotong university.Currently,host 1 project of Wuhan science and technology plan projects, 1 project ofHigh-level personnel of Dr scientific research, 3 projects from enterpriseshorizontal research projects, one online courses of the mechanical designsubject. And as main researcher to participate in 5 longitudinal researchprojects such as the national natural science foundation of China, provincialdepartment of the municipal. More than 40 national intellectual propertypatents and 18 papers has been published (including EI/ISTP retrieval 9).  Award 1 item of Huludao city’s science andtechnology progress award in 2013, and a mechanical industry technicalinvention prize was gained in 2014.