Prof. Xinyun Wang


Country/Region: China

University:  Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Reporting Conference: ICEMEE 2nd 2015

Topic: Optimum Design of Assembled Cavity Die for Precision Forging Process

Abstract: For a given three-layers assembled die of cold precision forging gear, optimum design was implemented based on elastic solution of thick-wall cylinder under the admissible tensile stress. A non-uniform interference fit structure was employed, and the minimum tangential tensile stress in cavity was defined as the objective function. Inner radius r2 and outer radius r3 of inner shrink ring, interference fit magnitude of matching faces between different layers were defined as variables of objective function. These variables were optimized with Matlab software package. The optimized results were verified with elastic-plastic Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Then forging experiments were conducted according to the calculated data with Matlab and FEA results. Compared to conventional design methods, the optimized die structure with non-uniform interference fit is very effective on prolonging the service life of gear die more than 10 times.