Prof. Chunfeng Shi


Country/Region: China

University: Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, SINOPEC

Brief introduction of research: 

Pro.& Dr. Chunfeng Shi completed his Ph.D. at Research Institute of PetroleumProcessing (RIPP), SINOPEC in 2008, then worked as an engineer at long-termproject research department of RIPP. His research field is environmental benignchemistry, especially focused on selective oxidation catalyzed by zeotypematerials, porous materials and nano-materials. Recently, as a team leader, hehas also interested in carbon catalysis and graphene field. Based on hisprevious researches, he has applied more than 100 patents and published morethan 20 papers. He got the first grade award of technology invention fromSINOPEC. Besides, he received the award of origin innovation prize and youthS&T talented person sponsored by Enze Min (CAS&CES membership).