Dr.Raja Ariffin Raja Ghazilla


Country/Region: Malaysia

University: Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaya

Brief introduction of research: 

Dr.Raja Ariffin Raja Ghazilla started his career in academics and research in the field of human factors, developinghuman models for ergonomics design evaluation and simulation. This leads tointerest in further expanding research in the field of design with particularinterest toward design for manufacturing, which he have since establishedseveral research projects in characterizing assembly and disassembly estimationmodels for various fastening and joining process, as well as a MCDM basedfastener/joining selection model fro for design. In the past few years,continuing my work in characterizing disassembly process, have lead me to workin the field of sustainable manufacturing covering projects such asrecoverability, supply chain and sustainable manufacturing strategies. He have also since restarted my work in ergonomics in the field of automotiveergonomics as a project consultant with the local automotive industry andproject in utilization of Augmented reality in ergonomics design andevaluation.  Have published numerouspublications in both fields mention above.