Dr.Rosinei Batista Ribeiro


Country/Region: Brazil

University: IntegratedColleges Teresa D’Ávila – FATEA

Brief introduction of research:

Postdoctoral in Mechanical Engineering from theUniversidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho, Guaratinguetá Campus -UNESP (2011-2014). Doctoral in Mechanical Engineering from UNESP (2004). Deputycoordinator and Permanent Professor in the Post-Graduate Program - ProfessionalMasters in Design, Technology and Innovation - FATEA - DTI and Coordinator ofthe Higher Institute of Research and Scientific Initiation, InstitutionalScholarship programs of Scientific Initiation - PIC, PIBIC, PIBIC-EM, PIBITIcategories, Science without borders - CNPq - CAPES. Coordinator of the SuperiorTechnological Course in Industrial Production Management at Faculdade deTecnologia do Estado de São Paulo - FATEC – Cruzeiro Campus. PermanentProfessor at the Post-Graduate Program - Professional Masters in MaterialsEngineering and Senior at the Post-Graduate Program - Academic Masters inDevelopment, Technology and Society at Universidade Federal de Itajubá - UNIFEI.Researcher - Capes II in the Specialization Course in Technology, Teacher’sFormation and Society – Open University of Brazil - UNIFEI. Has experience incoordination of teaching, research and extension activities in the areas ofIndustrial Design, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and ProductionEngineering, with emphasis on new materials, Design of Experiments,Manufacturing Processes, Corrosion, Microstructural Characterization and SupplyChain Management.