A.Prof.Yanxin Yao


Country/Region: China


Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, Beijing Information Science and Technology University 

Brief introduction of research:

Yao Yanxin is mainly engaged in the research of green communication network, wireless sensor networks and wireless signal and information processing and has rich experience in wireless sensor system, hardware and software system development for GPS/indoor positioning and green communication routing algorithm. In recent 5 years, Yao Yanxin has hosted a project of National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Foud, a project of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, a project of Excellent talents of Beijing Organization Department and 3 other vertical projects and participated in more than 10 projects including “973”, “863”, National Natural Science Foundation, the General Equipment Department subject and horizontal projects. She has published more than 10 academic papers, authorized 5 national invention patents and applied for 4 national invention patents. 

Research experience: 

1. 2014, “Research on key technologies of digital GNSS based on compressed sensing”, National Natural Science Foundation of China. 

2. 2008, “Indoor radio signal carrier phase positioning system”. Main responsibilities include developing pseudo satellite and carrier precision positioning system. 

3. 2009, “Airborne GPS remote sensing system”. Responsibilities include completing the reflection signal acquisition, tracking and wind field inversion. 

4. 2009, “Common processing platform for GNSS reflected signal”. As the technical director of the reflected signal altimeter sub-project, developing the software platform of reflected signal altimetry. 

5. “High precision real-time estimation theory and method for platform motion error”. 

6. “Navigation, guidance and sensing technology”.