Prof. Wei Chen


Country/Region: China

University:  Panzhihua university

Brief introduction of research: 

Chen Wei, Professor, the seventh installment of experts with outstanding contributions in Panzhihua City, Member of Panzhihua municipal government decision-making consultation committee, Master Tutor in Xihua University, Evaluation experts at constructional engineering in Sichuan, Director of Sichuan Civil Engineering Society, CPPCC member of Panzhihua City, Chairman of Panzhihua Civil Engineering Society, Evaluation experts at Science and Technology project in Chongqing. Hosting two Provincial Specialties, technology research center of the municipal civil engineering structure and provincial Mechanics Experimental Center. Research fields include the study on construction materials of industrial solid waste, and geotechnical engineering. Having more than 20 main research projects and access to each one of the four Science and Technology Progress Awards in Panzhihua City, thus saving tens of millions of funds for projects. Published more than 60 papers, of which nearly 30 sheets are core journals and EI and ISTP contain more than 10 pieces. Published 2 academic monographs, and 6 items of patented inventions.