Prof. Maziar Asefi


Country/Region: Iran

University:  Iran University of Science and Technology

Brief introduction of research: 
Maziar received a Ph.D. in Architecture from Liverpool University in the UK in 2007 and his B.Arch and
M.Arch from Iran University of Science and Technology in Tehran in 1998 and 2000.
Maziar is Associate Professor of Architectural Technology and Structure at Tabriz Islamic Art University
in Iran, where he has also served as Graduate Program
director in   Architectural Technology. Maziar is a Visiting
professor and adjunct Faculty of Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University in Canada since 2013. Maziar has been a visiting scholar at Concordia University in Canada in 2010. He has taught at Ryerson University, Liverpool University, TIA University, Tehran University and IUST University. He was the winner the best researcher of the County Award (Iran, 2010). He taught a range of courses including design studio, transformable structures, prefabrication and mass-customization, advanced method of construction, Innovative and traditional structures, technical design studio and Islamic Architectural Structures. Maziar has registered two patents in the field of deployable and transformable shelters in Iran. He has published a book in transformable and kinetic architecture in 2010 and translated two books in prefabrication and surface structures and published and presented over 50 papers in national and
international journals, magazines and conference proceedings. He is a senior member in Iranian Construction Engineering Organization.
His research interests include transformable architecture, kinetic and responsive structures and  building  facades,  Innovative  architectural  structures  and  technology  and  advanced  method  of construction and building, mass-customization and prefabrication.