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Prof. Terry Yuan-Fang Chen

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Nation Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, China 

Title: Real-Time Surface Profile Measurement by Shadow Moiré Method


For accurate measurement, phase-shifting technique is usually adopted to the shadow moiré measurement system. Accurately introducing the amount of phase shift is required in order to extract the phase properly. However, the specimen or system may be moved during the time of image capture, and not suitable for real-time measurement. In order to overcome this drawback and make an on-line measurement, a shadow moiré system consisted of two light source of different colors and a color CCD camera is proposed. The phase shift is introduced by using two light sources illuminate the grating from different position simultaneously. The two moiré fringe patterns are captured by the color CCD camera, and are processed by a fringe analysis scheme using spiral phase transform and optical flow techniques. The proposed fringe analysis scheme was applied to a simulated surface and a real specimen. The test results are reported and the validity of the scheme is investigated

Dong Li.png

A.Prof. Dong Li

Faculty of Information Technology, Macau University of Science and Technology, China

Title: Ambient Backscatter Radio: A New Paradigm for Passive Communication and Green Internet of Things


Ambient backscatter (AmBack) has emerged as a promising technology for various communication and Internet of Things (IoT) applications due to the recent advances in the hardware implementation. In contrast to traditional wireless systems, no carrier generation and power supply are needed for AmBack, and the dedicated reader and round-trip path loss can be avoided compared to the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. In this talk, we begin with the fundamentals of AmBack, and then highlights several interesting topics in signal transmission schemes including frequency division multiple access (FDMA)-based interference free transmission, hybrid active and passive transmission, and opportunistic AmBack-assisted relay transmission.

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Conference Date:August 16-18, 2019

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