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Welcome Dr.Tan Ching Sin ​from Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia to be Committee Member!

Dr.Tan Ching Sin from Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia

Research Area:

Renewable Energy, Power System Economics, Energy Security and Climate Change

Research Experience:

Involved in research and consultancy projects related to industry and collaboration with government agencies (i.e., Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST), Malaysian Green Technology Corporation(MGTC)) and ministries (i.e., Ministry Natural Resources and Environment (NRE), Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water(KeTTHA)) as well as private companies (i.e., TNB, TNBR, SEB) working in a wide range of area related to energy and climate change such as project on renewable energy, GHG inventory, Time-of-Use and Carbon Roadmap.


Some of the projects that I lead either as Project Member/ Leader were:

· Development of Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) Model and Software for TNB’s Distribution Switchgears, October 2008- March 2010 [Completed, Project Member, Client : TNB Distribution]

· Research Project on Emerging Asia Contribution on Issues of Technology Transfer for COP15 Copenhagen with TERI India , February – November 2009 [Completed, Project Member, Client : TERI]

· Promotion And Development Of Local Team For Renewable Energy Growth In Malaysia 15 October 2010 – 30 November 2010 [Completed, Project Leader, Client : MOSTI]

· Inception Report for the Long Term Roadmap on the 40% Reduction in Carbon Intensity (Phase I), December 2010 [Completed, Project Member, Client : MNRE]

· Studies on Incentive Schemes for End-User’s Power Factor Correction Initiative, September 2011, U-TD-CR-11-01. [Completed, Project Member, Client :  TNB Distribution]

· Independent Reviewer for the Technical and Financial Feasibility Study by KLS Energy, 2012, U-EN-CR-11-07. [Completed, Project Member, Client : KLS Energy Sdn. Bhd.]

· Study on the Dynamic Relationship Between Loss of Load Probability and Reserve Margin for Optimal Generation, U-SN-CR-13-07, 2013 [Completed, Project Member, Client : TNBR]

· Financial Review of Wind and Solar Power Plant Project with regards to Initial Public Offering on Bursa Saham Malaysia Securities Berhad, KLS Energy Sdn. Bhd., 2014, U-EN-CR-11-13 [Completed, Project Member, Client : KLS Energy Sdn. Bhd.]

· Long Term Roadmap on The 40% Reduction in Carbon Intensity, Adaptation and Technology Needs Assessment in Malaysia (Phase II), 2014, U-GN-CR-11-02. [Completed, Co-Leader, Client : MNRE]

· Study & Development of Demand Response Mechanism as a Part of TNB Smart Grid Pilot Project, 2015, U-SN-CR-14-12. [Completed, Project Leader, Client : TNBR]

· Energy Outlook in Malaysia for Energy Commission’s Malaysia, 2015, 01090006IEPR. [Completed, Project Leader, Client : ST]

· Malaysia Solar PV Roadmap 2030, 2015 [Completed, Project Associate/Consultant, Client : MIGHT]

· Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Sarawak, Malaysia, U-EN-CR-14-12 [Completed, Project Leader, Client : SEB]

· Behavioural Study on Time of Use (TOU) Service for Low Voltage (LV) Ordinary Power Customer (OPC) Installed with Smart Meters in Melaka and Putrajaya, U-TE-CR-17-03 [Completed, Project Leader, Client : TNB]

· Development of the Mitigation Analysis (Including Emission Projection) Chapter of Third National Communication NC3, U-GN-CR-16-03. [Completed, Project Member, Client : MNRE]

· Low Carbon Mobility Blueprint And Action Plan Study [Finalizing, Project Associate/Consultant, Client : TSSM]



PhD Student

· YOUSUF YACOUB AL HATMI, PE20389, Pragmatically Study Of Renewable  Energy Resources For Al Dukm Region,  (Supervisor) [ Completed - 2018 ]


Master Student

· NG JING XING, SP20952, Renewable Energy Interconnection Development In Malaysia, (Supervisor) [ Master Completed -2012]

· Pratheep Palanisam, SP21444, 2014, Electrical Usage Reduction in UPHA Pharmaceutical Mfg (M) Sdn Bhd for Electricity Bill Savings, (Supervisor) [Master Completed - 2014]

· MARYAM MUNIRAH BINTI ABD WAHAB, SE21101, Feasibility Study Of Malaysia Renewable Energy Fund, (Supervisor) [ Master Completed-2015]

· Shahirazi Nazmi Bin Alias SP21741, 2015, Standardization of Diesel Power Plant Performance Reporting Using IEEE 762-2006 Format via Automated Online Systems, (Supervisor) [Master Completed - 2016]

· NURHIDAYAH KHAMIS, SE22412, Dvelopment of the Time of Use Tariff for Residential Customers in Malaysia (Supervisor) [Master, Awaiting Viva Voce in April 2019]

· IDALIA SHARIENA BINTI ABDUL RAZAK, SE22818, Forecasting of Electrical Energy Consumption in Commercial Building, (Supervisor) [ Master, On-going, Start Oct 2018 ]

· WAN MOHD SHAHRULFARH BIN WAN SHAMSUDDIN, SE22424, Small Signal Stability Analaysis of Solar Photovoltaic System (PV) Connected to Grid with Control Design (Supervisor) [Master On-Going, Starting  Dec 2018]

ASIAH ‘ADILAH BT ZAINUDDIN, SE22068, Estimation of Electrical Consumption in LRT Building, (Supervisor) [Master On-Going, Starting Dec 2018]

Important Dates

Submission Deadline:May 31, 2019  June 12,2019


Notification Date:about 1-2 weeks after submission


Registration Deadline:June 14, 2019


Conference Date:June 14-16, 2019

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