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Dalian is the gateway to Beijing and Tianjin. It borders Yingkou City in the north, and faces the sea in the south across the Shandong Peninsula. It is adjacent to Japan, South Korea, North Korea, and the Far East of Russia. It is located at 120°58' to 123°31' and 38°43 north latitude. 'Between 40°10'. The city has a total area of 12,574 square kilometers, of which the old urban area is 2,415 square kilometers. Dalian is located in the warm temperate zone of the northern hemisphere. It has a warm temperate continental monsoon climate with oceanic characteristics and is the warmest part of the Northeast. It has no cold winter, no summer heat, and four distinct seasons.


Dalian is a place where you can find natural scenes of stunning beauty, amiable climate, stylish architecture, comfortable beaches and summer tourist resorts. The gardens and circuses everywhere are good decorations of the city. Along the southern coast, a road like a jade ribbon runs among the mountains and along the sea, threading through the scenic spots of Bangchui Island, Tiger Beach, Fujia Village, Baiyunshan Park, and Xinghai Park. To the southwest of the city, there are worldly famous Lushunkou. Taiyanggou (Sun Valley), and Baiyu Mount (White Jade Mount) and natural wonders such as the Snake Island and the Sea Cat Island. To the north of the city, there is the Golden Pebble Beach Holiday Resort, where one can see typical sea-corroded landscape and landform of coastal cast, and the Almighty''s master piece----the unique "turtle-shell rocks." In Dalian there is also the Bingyu Valley''s scenery attractions in the north of the Zhuanghe city, which boasts soothing green mountains and clear rivers. tiger beach,polar region embassy, sanya ocean world, star sea park , binhai road ,goog island , inscriptions beach , ice bath dyke


Dalian is the governing sub-provincial city in the eastern Liaoning Province of Northeast China. Dalian is China's northernmost ice-free seaport and is China's most livable city.[1] Sightseeing and Attractions Dalian is a very popular destination among Chinese tourists and foreign visitors, e specially from Japan, Korea and Russia. Its mild climate and multiple beaches a s well as its importance in the modern history of China make it an especially nice p lace to visit. Some of the most famous beaches are Tiger beach, Xinghai beach, Ji nshitan beach and Fujiazhuang beach.


Four Inner-City Districts Zhongshan Square and Friendship Square Tiger Beach and Fujiazhuan Beach Tiger beach is a good place to see natural scenery. There is Seabed World, Bird Sing Wood and the recently completed Polar Region Museum, where a dolphin sho


w is a big attraction. Xinghai Square, Shinghai Park and Heishijiao Xinghai Square was built at the centinary of the City of Dalian (1998) and is slate d to be East Asia's largest square. Xinghai beach is in side Xinghai Park. It is abou t 800m long and is an excellent place for swimming. Jinzhou District and Development Zone (in the northern suburbs) Dahei Mountain Jinshitan Sightseeing Area Jinshitan beach, the Golden Pebble Beach is a tourist attraction with splendid cove s and rock formations. There is also a golf course (Jinshitan International Golf Course), cross country motorcycling, an amusement park (Discovery Kingdom) an d a hunting forest. It is a good place for someone who wants silence and peace an d it is excellent for swimming too. Lüshunkou District (in the western suburbs) Lüshun Museum Lüshun Railroad Station 203 Highland and Shuishiying Meeting Place The fiercest battle site and the signing site of the cease fire treaty, of the Battle o f Lüshun during the Russo-Japanese War 1904-05. Three Northern Cities of Greater Dalian Anbo Hotspring and Ski Course, in Pulandian City Zhangxing Island International Golf Course, in Wafangdian City Binyugou Scenic Area and Buyun Mountain Hotspring, in Zhuanhe City For a thorough review of the major attractions, see the Dalian wikitravel page. See also Dalian travel guide from Wikitravel.


Transportation A street in Dalian near the Dalian Bank Tower Local Transportation Dalian is one of the few cities in China where there are not many bicycles, because the area is full of slopes, and where there are few motorcycles, because their sale is prohibited. The number of cars on Dalian streets has increased dramatically i n recent years, causing traffic jams. The city has a comprehensive bus system an danefficient light rail mass transit system, usually called Qinggui (轻轨), which connects Dalian Development Zone and Jinshitan with downtown Dalian.  Domestic and international


Dalian has a modern and recently (2006) expanded international airport, Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport, with direct flights to the most major cities in China, and to the selected cities in Japan, South Korea and Germany. The city's location means that train trips to most Chinese cities outside China's nor theastern region require changing trains in Shanghai or Beijing. Most of the direct city to city express trains are overnight trips. 

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