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Yongsheng Fu

Xi’an Technological University,School of electronic information engineering,China

Research Area:

On-board charger,Wireless power transfer,inverter


    Vice General Manager, Menglin Wang 

     CCCC Railway Consultants Group Co., Ltd, China

    Research Area:

     Civil Engineering, Construction of Underground Structure


     Dr.Jinghai Yu 

     Tianjin University, China


     Research Area:

     High Strength Reinforced Concrete, Large-span Steel Structure


     Dr.Boya Jiang

     Nanjing Tech University, China

     Research Area:

     BIM; Prefabs; Carbon Auditor


     Prof.Weixing Xu

     Jiangsu College of Engineering and Technology, China

     Research Area:

     Construction Machinery; New Building Materials


     Senior Technician.Jun Pan

     Nanjing Metro, China 

     Research Area:

     Civil engineering; Geotechnical Engineering;

     High-performance Concrete

Dwi Asmi.png


     Dr.Dwi Asmi

     University of Lampung, Indonesia

     Research Area:

     Processing Ceramics Matrix Composite; 

     Characterization Materials Using X-ray; 



     A.Prof.Lin Gao

     Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences, China

     Research Area:

     Lifeline Engineering Seismology



     Dr.Wenjuan Xu

     Jiangsu Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry, China

     Research Area:

     The Mechanical Properties of Subgrade and Pavement Materials



     Dr.Jinbo Liu

     China Academy of Building Research, China

     Research Area:

     Geotechnical Engineering


    Senior Engineer.Qinbiao Yuan

     Anhui Industrial University, China

    Jiangsu Zhongnan Construction Group Co.,Ltd.

     Research Area:

     Steel Structure

     Mechanization of Construction

     Seismic Theory of Engineering Structure



     Dr.Longliang Wu

     China Academy of Railway Sciences, China

     Research Area:

     Geotechnical Engineering

G.V. Dolgoleva.png

     Prof.Dolgoleva Galina Vladimirovna

     Moscow State University

     Research Area:

     Modeling of Problems of Laser and Heavy Ionic Controlled Synthesis

Mikhail Heifetz.png

     Prof.Kheifetz Mikhai

     National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Belarus

     Research Area:

     Materials and Civil Engineering



     Dr.Duo Liu

     Hohai University, China

     Research Area:

     Steel Bridge and Steel-concrete Composite Bridge Technology Research


     A.Prof.Zhiwei Zeng

     Liupanshui Normal University, China

     Research Area:

     Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Generation


     Dr.Bo Wang

     Zhuhai College of Jilin University, China

     Research Area: 

     Advanced Machining Tool


     Prof.Xinyun Wang

     Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

     Research Area: 

     Precision Plastic Forming



     A.Prof.Mingyi Wang

     East China University of Science and Technology, China

     Research Area:

       Macromolecule Material Processing and Equipment, Microcellular Foaming of Polymer Materials, Plastic Molding Process and Mold Design

Dr Vishvesh Badheka.png


    Prof. Vishvesh J Badheka

     Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, India

    Research Area:

    Advance Welding Processes

J. N. Mandal.png


    Prof. J. N. Mandal   

    Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India

    Research Area:

     Geotechnical and Geosynthetics Engineering

Pramod Kumar Gupta.png


    Prof. Pramod Kumar Gupta

    Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India.

    Research Area:

     Structural mechanics, finite element analysis, parallel computing, steel-concrete composite and large deformations

Dr. Sharifah Akmam Syed Zakaria.png


    Dr. Sharifah Akmam Syed Zakaria

    Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Construction and Technology Management (Building) 

Kim Hung Mo.png


    Dr. Kim Hung Mo

    University of Malaya, Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Concrete Materials; Cementitious Composites

Mohammadreza Vafaei.png

    Dr. Mohammadreza Vafaei

    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Structural Vibration Control, Structural Health Monitoring, Seismic Retrofitting, Seismic Design

Dr. Abu Zahrim Yaser.png

    Dr. Abu Zahrim Yaser

    Universiti Malaysia Sabah,Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Wastewater Treatment, Composting, Membrane Technology, Campus Sustainability

Md. Mizanur Rahman.png


    A.Prof. Md. Mizanur Rahman

    World University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh


    Research Area:


Prof.Ahmed El-Shafie.png

    Prof.Ahmed El-Shafie

    University of Malaya, Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Water Resources Management / Hydrology/ Artificial Intelligence

Md Sazzad Hossien Chowdhury.png

    A. Prof. Md Sazzad Hossien Chowdhury

    International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Analytical and numeric-analytic methods for nonlinear differential equations

Dr. Ir. Mohd Azman Bin Abas.png


    Dr. Mohd Azman Abas

    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Internal Combustion Engine, Driving Cycle, Engine Testing

Md Mozasser Rahman.png


    A.Prof. Md Mozasser Rahman

    International Islamic University Malaysia,Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Human-robot cooperation, Rehabilitation Robot, Autonomous System and Industry 4.0

Meftah Hrairi.png

   Prof. Meftah Hrairi

   International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia

   Research Area:

    Structural Health Monitoring and Structural Repair

Zawawi Bin Daud.png

   A.Prof. Zawawi Bin Daud

   Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia,Malaysia

   Research Area:

    Environmental Engineering, Wastewater Treatment, Landfill Leachate Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Low Cost Composite Adsorbent Material, Natural Fiber from Agro Waste

Dr. Nor Hasanah Binti Abdul Shukor Lim.png

    Dr. Nor Hasanah Abdul Shukor Lim

    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Green materials and technology, Concrete materials, sustainable construction materials

Ramadhansyah Putra Jaya.png


    A.Prof. Ramadhansyah Putra Jaya

    Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Pavement Engineering; Concrete Technology; Nano Materials

Muataz Hazza F. Al Hazza.png


    Dr. Muataz Hazza F. Al Hazza

    International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Engineering Project management, Quality management systems, Decision making methods, , Flexible manufacturing systems, Value and Cost Analysis, Modeling, simulation and optimization in High Speed machining processes

Maizatulnisa Othman.png

    Dr. Maizatulnisa Othman

    International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Polymer Composite/Biopolymer/Materials Science & Engineering/Semiconductor Polymer/Rubber& Latex Technology

Ain Naadia binti Mazlan.png


    Dr. Ain Naadia binti Mazlan

    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Construction management, human comfort, affordability residential

Noor Illi Mohamad Puad.png


    Dr. Noor Illi Mohamad Puad

    International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Plant cell culture technology, Computational flux balance analysis, Biohydrogen

from microbial fermentation.


    Dr. Doh Shu Ing

    Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

    Research Area:

     Concrete Material, Structures, Project Management

Dr. Tanveer Saleh.png


    A.Prof. Tanveer Saleh

    International Islamic University Malaysia

    Research Area:

    Agile Robotics For Micromachining, Nonconventional and hybrid machining process, Reconfigurable and multipurpose machine development

Hamimah Adnan.png

    Prof. Hamimah Adnan

    Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) , Malaysia

    Research Area:

    Project Management, Contract and Procurement, Strategic Alliances ( Joint Venture, Partnering and other related)

Kamsiah Mohd Ismail.png

    Dr. Kamsiah Mohd Ismail

    International Islamic University Malaysia , Malaysia

    Research Area:

    Behavior of lightweight concrete materials, Polymer composites, BIM, Engineering Education-Project-based learning.

Lim Kar Sing.jpg

    Dr. Lim Kar Sing

    Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

    Research Area:

    Structural Rehabilitation; Soil Corrosion; Pipeline Engineering; Finite Element Analysis

A.Prof.Adam Khan M, Kalasalingam University, India

Professor of Engineer.Qihai Yang, Changsha Railway College, China

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