Welcome Dr. Zhenqiang Wang from Technology R&D Center of China metallurgical construction to be committee member!

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Dr. Zhenqiang Wang 

 Technology R&D Center of China metallurgical construction, China

Research Area:

Roads, tunnels, foundations, slopes

Research Experience:

In July 2014, Dr. Zhenqiang Wang joined the technical research and development center of China metallurgical construction industry group. He have served successively as deputy chief and chief of technology r&d department.during the period of working, adhere to a line of investigation and study on the construction site, in-depth study, cling to establish scientific research subject on the construction site, successively in company welding stirrup, reinforced heading anchor, the tunnel construction, excavation, construction safety, prefabricated pipe gallery precast and made important contribution to the hoisting construction, etc.

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