Welcome A.Prof.Xiaoyu Wang from Xi'an Aeronautical University to be committee member!

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A.Prof.Xiaoyu Wang 

Xi'an Aeronautical University

Research Area: Industrial Electrical Automation and Mechanical & Electronic Engineering

Research Experience: 

Dr.Xiaoyu Wang works as A.Prof. and Senior Engineer in Xi'an Aeronautical University. Having being engaged in Engineering Design, Research and Teaching in the field of Industrial Electrical Automation and Mechanical & Electronic Engineering for a long time, with  a comprehensive knowledge of Electrical Control System and Intelligent Control of Engineering. The main work in recent years is to carry out some research and beneficial theoretical exploration in the field of Intelligent Fusion Optimization Algorithmand Optimal Control Strategy for Electro mechanical Hydraulic Systemin Engineering Machinery, PLC, HMI and other engineering control applications, transformation and etc. More than 40 articles had been published in which 12 were retrieved by EI, 6 were collected by ISTPand more than 20 were collected by Chinese core journal criterion of PKU. Host and participated in several provincial scientific research projects.

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