Prospective authors are kindly invited to submit original, unpublished full papers. 
*All authors are required to submit a statement of novelty with their submission outlining what is distinctively ‘innovative’ or new about the research.  

Topics of interest include but not limited to:

(I) New Materials and Advanced Materials
(01)Materials of lighting source
(02)Semi-conductor materials
(03)Insulating materials
(04)Electronic materials
(05)Non-ferrous Metal material
(06)Iron and Steel
(08)Micro / Nano Materials
(10)Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials
(11)New Functional Materials
(12)Building Materials
(13)New Energy Materials
(14)Environmental Friendly Materials
(15)Earthquake Materials and Design
(17)Smart/Intelligent Materials/Intelligent Systems
(18)Polymeric Materials
(19)Thin Films
(20)Corrosion of Materials and Surface treatment technology
(21)Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
(22)Tooling Testing and Evaluation of Materials
(23)Research and Development of Composite Materials
(24)Research and Development of New materials
(25)New materials, New Technology and New Products

(II) Mechanical Engineering
(26) Mechanical Dynamics and Vibration
(27) Mechanical Strength
(28) Mechanical Friction, Wear and Lubrication
(29) Mechanical Design
(30) Rolling
(31) Casting Technology and Equipment
(32) Welding Technology and Equipment
(33) Plastic Processing Technology and Equipment
(34) Heat treatment technology and Equipment
(35) Cutting Technology and Equipment
(36) Special Processing Technology and Equipment
(37) The Machine Assembly Process
(38) Non-metallic Processing
(39) CNC Technology and Numerical Control Machines
(40) Fluid Power Transmission and Control
(41) Instrumentation
(42) Power Mechanical Engineering
(43) Vehicle Engineering
(44) Chemical Machinery and Equipment
(45) Textile Machinery and Equipment
(46) Food Machinery
(47) Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing
(48) Mining Machinery Engineering
(49) Metallurgical Machinery and Automation
(50) Construction Machinery and Equipment
(51) Aircraft Structure and Design
(52) Spacecraft Structure and Design
(53) Aircraft Manufacturing Technology
(III) Control, Automation and Information Technology
(54) Control System Modeling and Simulation technology
(55) Intelligent Optimization Agorithms and Applications
(56) Fluid Power Transmission and Control
(57) Production Process Simulation
(58) Network Control
(59) Electric Automation
(60) Vehicle Control Systems
(61) Intelligent Traffic Control
(62) Computer Integrated Manufacturing
(63) Microelectronics Technology
(64) Embedded Systems
(65) The Photoelectron IT and System
(66) Computer System Structure
(67) Software Development and Application
(68) Computer Application Technology

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